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Dear IANTD United Kingdom members, it’s IANTD World Headquartes pleasure to announce that starting January 1st 2024, IANTD CENTRAL EUROPE will be responsible for the continuation of IANTD support in the territories previously managed by IANTD United Kingdom.

Once again IANTD World Headquartes would like to express the gratitude for IANTD United Kingdom Licensee for the work and time dedicated running the IANTD licensse in United Kingdom and other territories.

IANTD Central Europe is preparing an informative email and soon all the members will be receiving all the details.

IANTD World Headquartes and IANTD Central Europe are exicted to continue supporting all the members in United Kingdom and all the other territories.

All the activities will continue to be done in our Global Database System that all the IANTD United Kingdom members are already used to use.


Luis Augusto Pedro

IANTD World Headquartes


O Andrzej Kruczkowski

Andrzej Kruczkowski, full time diving Trimix Instructor Trainer, Technical Wreck IT, Gas Blender IT, Rebreather Instructor, Technical Cave Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer, Divers Alert Network Instructor Trainer. IANTD CE Training Director, Member of IANTD Board of Advisors. Owner of Exstream Diving Center in Wrocław, Poland.
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