IANTD Advanced Cave Side Mount & No Mount/Sump/Survey/DPV/Multistage

This Program is designed to familiarize the experienced, certified cave diver with the techniques; equipment and mindset
required for side mount / no mount diving activities in an underwater, overhead environment.
2. Enable cave divers to proficiently assemble and use side mount / no mount diving equipment.
3. Teach cave divers the proper techniques to safely conduct cave diving activities that warrant the use of side mount / no mount
diving equipment (i.e. small passages, logistics and restrictions).
4. Expose cave divers to the conservation concerns and ethical responsibilities that present themselves during side mount / no
mount diving activities in underwater caves.

Wymagania wstępne:
1. Must be qualified as an IANTD Cave Diver or equivalent (NSS/CDS, CDAA, NACD, etc.).
2. Have a minimum of 50 logged cave dives.
3. Be at least 18 years of age.
4. Be proficient in buoyancy skills while wearing full cave diving equipment.
5. Be proficient with the concept of gas matching.

C. Program Content
1. All lectures completed with IANTD Course-specific Slides pertaining to the theory in the IANTD Side Mount / No Mount Diver
Student Kit.
2. This program must include 120 minutes of cave environment bottom time while in side mount and or no mount diving
configuration within at least three (3) cave dives.
3. Theory and gear setup
a. One confined water session (gear orientation).
b. One cave dive (gear tuning, skills, kick tech, buoyancy, trim).
4. Two cave dives (skills, proficiency).
5. Students taking the Side Mount / No Mount Diver Program must accumulate 120 minutes of bottom time in cave environment
while diving in side mount / no mount configuration (in addition to the confined water session).
6. Students taking the Side Mount / No Mount Diver Program while using Nitrox, or Oxygen for decompression must be certified
as a Technical Cave Diver or proof of equivalent experience with stage cylinders and decompression theory. If taking the
course on Normoxic Trimix or Trimix students must be previously qualified at these levels or taking the course in conjunction
with the side mount course.
7. Due to the unique nature of diving a side mount / no mount configuration, crediting of bottom time will be allowed ONLY for
divers with proof of 10 or more dives in side mount / no mount configuration. Only a credit of 40 minutes of bottom time will be
allowed and it is recommended that instructors allow crediting of dive time only for extremely competent divers.
8. Environmental conditions allowing, a minimum of two (2) cave entrances must be included in the Side Mount / No Mount Diver
Program. In the event of flooding and other special circumstances, the two-cave entrance minimum can be waived by the
IANTD Training Director.

Wymagania sprzętowe:
1. IANTD Side Mount / No Mount Diver Student Kit.
2. Two single cylinders (80 CF or larger). An optional EANx stage cylinder containing a minimum of 50 cubic feet (1,400 free
liters) of gas may be used for overhead penetration at the instructor’s discretion.
3. Two (2) Primary regulators. Each must provide ample gas flow at all depths. Each gas source must have its’ own dedicated
submersible pressure gauge DIN type regulator and cylinder valve connections are recommended.
4. A primary BCD. A backup BCD is required if the student cannot maintain buoyancy in the event of a bladder failure. If a dry suit
is used, it may serve as the backup BCD.
5. Dive tables, depth gauge and dive timer or a dive computer, cutting device and backup cutting device.
6. Reels: One Primary reel per team, one (1) safety reel per diver, and jump or gap reels as needed for dive plan to maintain
continuous guideline to the surface.
7. One Primary light (minimum 20 watts (or equivalent HID) and two (2) secondary lights (flashlight type).
8. Three (3) line arrows.
9. Basic diving equipment: mask, fins, and exposure suit suitable for conditions at the training site(s).
10. Side mount harness & buoyancy device (approved by instructor prior to course dates).

E. Program Limits
1. There may be no more than two (2) students per Instructor.
2. No dives may be conducted to depths greater than the qualification of the student.
3. Oxygen partial pressure may not exceed 1.40 ATA during the working portion of the dives, nor exceed 1.61 ATA during the
decompression portion of the dives.
4. Air–qualified divers may not use oxygen or EANx for decompression.
5. Students who use dive computers must also carry dive tables as a backup. Divers without a dive computer must use
appropriate dive tables.
6. All dives must be completed within both the IANTD oxygen CNS% and OTU limits.
7. All appropriate safety or required decompression stops must be performed.
one (1) occasion divers must simulate the loss of the guideline in zero visibility.

CENA: 2300 PLN
(wypożyczenie sprzętu nie jest wliczone w cenę kursu)