DAN Training Award 2020

I am honored!

DAN Europe Training proudly announces the all-new Training Awards, celebrating the most successful Instructors and Instructor Trainers of the year 2020.
The past one was not an easy year. However, against all odds, this elite group of quality Educators kept strong, and succeeded in making a difference in first aid training.
We wish to congratulate all of them for their hard work, and for the true commitment shown throughout 2020!

Discover the winners

And today the DAN Training Diploma came 🙂

O Andrzej Kruczkowski

Andrzej Kruczkowski, full time diving Trimix Instructor Trainer, Technical Wreck IT, Gas Blender IT, Rebreather Instructor, Technical Cave Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer, Divers Alert Network Instructor Trainer. IANTD CE Training Director, Member of IANTD Board of Advisors. Owner of Exstream Diving Center in Wrocław, Poland.
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