DEMA 2017

Just back from DEMA Show in Orlando.

Video from DEMA by

No revolution in diving gear, rather small improvements. But tourism seams to be in a very good condition.


InnerSpace Corporation showed new CE style

double layer, preshaped, MEG15 counterlungs.

I ordered them and cannot wait to try them in the water 🙂


Anyway, Wayne Kincaid from Amigos DC got great idea with this sticker:

O Andrzej Kruczkowski

Andrzej Kruczkowski, full time diving Trimix Instructor Trainer, Technical Wreck IT, Gas Blender IT, Rebreather Instructor, Technical Cave Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer, Divers Alert Network Instructor Trainer. IANTD CE Training Director, Member of IANTD Board of Advisors. Owner of Exstream Diving Center in Wrocław, Poland.
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